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What CSGO Team Are You in Real Life?

Take this quiz and find out what CSGO team you are in real life.

What CSGO Team Are You in Real Life?

Take this quiz and find out what CSGO team you are in real life.

What CSGO Team Are You in Real Life?

Take this quiz and find out what CSGO team you are in real life.

We upload new quizzes every day to make sure you never have to go through a day without additional fun and excitement. CSGO quizzes double the passion and love you have towards the game. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced veteran player with master-level skills, the plethora of CSGO quizzes on Loot Quiz every single day will leave you in awe of the game.

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CSGO entered the world of video games in 2012 as the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series. Almost seven years since its release, the gamer base is still increasing as CSGO is the most adventurous and exciting game of Counter-Strike series for all the young and adult video gamers.

No matter what level gamer you are, CSGO quizzes at Loot Quiz are offered to raise and take your enthusiasm for the game to a whole new level. Loot Quiz comes with a lot of CSGO quizzes based on trivia, personalities, items, and whatnot.

What Can I Win?

The items you can win in our CSGO quizzes are weapons, rifles, knives, grenades, skins, keys, pistols, and a lot more. You level up as you acquire weapons and kill enemies!


Before we go into details of CSGO quizzes at Loot Quiz, let’s have a look at the gameplay.

CSGO comes with two teams against each other: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

Both teams have different objectives. Terrorists plant a bomb, defend hostages and kill the enemies. On the other hand, counter-terrorists keep trying to diffuse the bombs planted by terrorists and rescue the hostages they have kept. Also, they try their best to kill as many terrorists as they can in order to be the last one standing and win the game.

CSGO has a lot of game modes and items to offer. Some exciting game modes include Deathmatch, Arms Race and Demolition as well as Casual and Competitive.

Types of Quizzes

Counter Strike: Global Offensive wallpaper

The CSGO quizzes here at Loot Quiz are of various kinds. Some are specifically related to personalities such as terrorist and counter-terrorist. Some are based on specific game modes while others are related to your skills on acquiring weapons, kill the enemy, plant or defuse the bomb, defend or rescue the hostages.

The best thing about Loot Quiz is that you can choose the category that interests you the most. If you want to have more fun, go for an all-in-one CSGO quiz.

Deathmatch Quizzes

Deathmatch CSGO quizzes are entirely based on Deathmatch mode in CSGO. This mode basically deals with killing a specific number of enemies with your weapon. The figure is decided by the game itself. As far as weapon is concerned, you can either choose it yourself or game gives you the set of weapons.

Many beginners, as well as experienced players, take Deathmatch as an easy mode that can be completed in one go. That might be true but it is possible only when you have enough information regarding the players, weapons, and skills needed to win the game!

Think you know enough? We bet you don’t!

Take CSGO quizzes at Loot Quiz to challenge your knowledge about the easiest or your favorite game mode.

Arms Race Quizzes

Arms Race is another interesting game mode of CSGO where you are in a constant win and lose situation. In Arms Race, your weapon is changed after every person you kill in the game. The last weapon the game offers you is the golden knife. The first player to make a kill with the golden knife is the ultimate winner.

While you think it is not a big deal to keep killing your enemies and acquire the ultimate weapon, there’s a whole lot you need to know about this mode. It adds up to your skills and gives you a good chance of implementing those skills while you play.

Now, where do you get to know enough knowledge, skills, and tactics of the game? Through Arms Race CSGO quizzes, of course!

Demolition Quizzes

Another thing you can find in our quizzes here at Loot Quiz is Demolition related CSGO quizzes which is one most tough and adventuresome game modes out there. In this mode, you deal with the constant pressure. With 5v5 teams and 11 rounds, you need to be the first one to reach the 11th round, achieve your goals and get the title of winner.

Some other related CSGO quizzes are based on newly released or upcoming game modes such as Heist, Tilegen and Scavenger.

No matter what the kind of quiz you take, Loot Quiz is going to make you live the best time of your video games age by challenging everything you know.

Why Take CSGO Quizzes at Loot Quiz?

Well, that comes with a number of amazing reasons.

Firstly, CSGO quizzes at Loot Quiz are free to play and you can win rewards. Nowhere else you are going to get free access to such creative CSGO quizzes  and at the same time win free loot. Who offers free fun in today’s age? Just Loot Quiz.

You might find several other online gaming quiz sites but you will either have to pay or face hacks and scams. You surely do not want bots in your device, right?

Being in the video game niche for quite some time, we know how to deliver the best.

The second reason is that Loot Quiz has various prizes for winners. But guess what the best thing about video games quizzes at Loot Quiz is? You never lose.

If you know everything about your favorite video game, you win. If you do not, you learn. Either way, you win!

Last but not the least, CSGO quizzes at Loot Quiz are crafted by CSGO enthusiasts who dig deep into the game to bring out the most exciting questions for you. As we share the same passion, we are definitely going to get along!

Happy quizzing!