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How Well Do You Know Fortnite?

Take this quiz and find out just how well you know the game Fortnite.

What Fortnite Character Are You?

Take this quiz and find out what Fortnite character you are in real life.

What Fortnite Character Are You?

Take this quiz and find out what Fortnite character you are in real life.

Fortnite has left us all in awe and we are not surprised to say that it will keep continuing to do so. We have great content on all the three different modes of Fortnite. Whether you are just into Fortnite or trying to surpass Save the World, we have some intriguing questions for you.

If you are already into Battle of Royale, our quizzes might help you get the most out of your hero’s skills.

Why Take Fortnite Quizzes at Loot Quiz?

When it comes to adventurous E-sports, Fortnite is one of the marvelous video games out there. With its release in 2017, gamers have been extremely excited for every mode that has comes out. And so have we!

At Loot Quiz, we offer Fortnite quizzes and keep uploading new quizzes every day to uphold your passion and interest. From trivia and gaming modes to personalities and characters, you will come across all categories for Fortnite gaming quizzes. Choose the ones which interest you the most!

What is there to Explore?

So far, Fortnite has released three game modes. Each mode comes with a lot of adventures. You might be shooting your enemies for survival or attacking with the best of weapons. But do you know when to use what?

You might think you know the best strategies to play Fortnite as you have good enough knowledge regarding the game. Loot Quiz challenges you on that!

With Fortnite Quizzes at Loot Quiz, you will question yourself if you really know enough about your favorite game mode.

The best thing about Loot Quiz is that many and different Fortnite quizzes are based on each of the Fortnite modes.

Types of Quizzes

Fortnite Battle Royale Wallpaper

Fortnite: Save the World Quizzes

In ‘Fortnite: Save the World’ quizzes, your shooting tactics will be questioned as this is a shooter survival game. Do you know the best way to shoot husks? Are those zombie-like creatures worth your every shot? Do you really think it’s just a single shot that takes them down? Might be yes, if shot rightly.

While you are into Fortnite: Save the World day and night, taking related quizzes can be of great help in learning some advanced shooting practices. Make a random shot or a wild guess if you have no clue of the answer. Whether you know the exact answer or not, it is your win. When you know, you score. When you not, you learn!

Fortnite: Battle Royale Quizzes

Battle royale is the most adventurous mode of Fortnite. You have a lot of enemies to fight against, various resources to gather and stay prepared every moment to save your fortifications. But, are you an expert at scavenging cosmetic items and weapons? Do you know how to start your resource hunt? Yes, you surely do!

However, Fortnite: Battle Royale quizzes at Loot Quiz gets you deep into the Battle Royale world of Fortnite. Once you take the quiz, you will be able to look into Fortnite: Battle Royale with a different perspective. You will know when is the right time to look for resources while staying vigilant of your fortification to save it from enemy attack.

Fortnite Creative Quizzes

Fortnite Creative is a custom game mode where you are allowed to build your Fortnite world your way. This lets you stand tall the fortification yourself, set up terms and conditions for the players as well as shape battle arenas and platforming challenges.

The question here is: are you capable of that?

Yes, only when you have plenty of resources and you know how Fortnite works. You need to have good information regarding every aspect ranging from battlefields, enemies, fortifications, resources, weapons, building materials and whatnot. Apart from this, you also need to know which specific skills help in doing what particular task.

You can explore all of this and a lot more with Fortnite Quizzes at Loot Quiz!

Fortnite Hero Quizzes

Fortnite has to offer four main heroes: Soldier, Constructor, Ninja, and Outlander.

At Loot Quiz, you can take specific hero quizzes base on all or one of the four heroes of Fortnite. This allows you to dig deep into the characteristics and capabilities of your favorite hero.

This way, you can enhance the set of skills of your hero and make the most out of him.

Soldiers – The All-Rounder

If Soldier is your favorite hero in Fortnite and you always play that role, you must know more and more about your role. As soldiers are all-rounders, they are good at performing every role in the game as per the requirement. They possess several abilities like Frag Grenade, War Cry, Shockwave, and Goin’ Commando.

Surprised, yeah? With Fortnite quizzes at Loot Quiz, there’s a lot more to know about your favorite hero!

While you know enough about one hero and that’s the role you take most of the time, you would know less about other heroes.

Let us brief you a little on that.

Constructors – The Building Heroes

If building class forts in Fortnite Creative is your goal, assuming the role of Constructor is the best thing that can make you win. Coming with abilities of bases, decoy, plasma wave, and bull rush, Constructors are able to build forts in the blink of an eye when the abilities are rightly used.

Ninja – The Fighting Heroes

If you are thinking of excelling by killing your enemies, ninja is your hero. They are best at jumping and escaping the attacks due to their superpowers such as smoke bombs, crescent kick, dragon slash and throwing stars.

Outlanders – The Exploring Heroes

If your goal is gathering resources and that appears to be the most fun thing to do, outlanders are your go-to heroes. They gather cosmetic items, weapons, and other resources and help with building fortification. These are the best heroes to choose for people who love scavenger hunting. You will be amazed by their master skills like Phase Shift, Teddy and Shock Tower.

We bet all of this put you in awe of Fortnite and its heroes. Well, this is the most little you could know. With Fortnite hero quizzes at Loot Quiz, there’s a whole wide world to explore!

How is Loot Quiz Your Ultimate go-to for Fortnite Quizzes?

Loot Quiz is one of the most classy gaming quiz platforms where all your favorite video games are lined up. What you are going to like the most about Loot Quiz is that it has a variety of categories from each popular video game. Quizzes are based on particular categories as well as on the overall game.

When you cannot play Fortnite real-time, Fortnite quizzes at Loot Quiz let you have a fun yet productive time.