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League of Legends – Game insight

League of Legends is a smart game for the genius minds out there. Ever since its release in 2009, its gamer base is increasing every day. With more players playing the game every day, many players must be ahead of you while others are behind.

We totally get your passion and fervor for video games. LoL is one of the most unique kind of video game. It enchants you so that once you start playing, you cannot stop. With so many people playing for so many hours, you are always looking for some smart ways to get through the game easily and quickly.

LoL quizzes are one significant way you could do this, we guarantee!


In League of Legends (LoL), each player takes the role of an invisible ‘summoner’ in order to control a champion that has amazing battleground abilities. Then, he plays against other champions, either from a different team or in the form of computer-controlled champions.

The main goal of champions is to destroy the Nexus, which is a central structure of the opposing team. It stands at the center of the base and is guarded by numerous defensive structures. Some distinct game modes are also offered.

In the game, each champion starts off as a weak player but as he goes through the game, his/her strength increases. This happens as the champion accumulates different items in the game. Your strength also increases with experience as well.

A variety of elements are present in the game resulting from the unique blend of the champion and game settings. These include High fantasy, Lovecraftian horror, and Steampunk.

With three current game modes: Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline and Howling Abyss, Lol offers you the chance to play the one you wish to. Interestingly, Loot Quiz has enthralling quiz content for each game mode. You will be amazed!

Jump onto Higher Ranks with LoL Quizzes

Seems crazy, right? How can some questions from the game help you jump to a higher rank?

Here’s how:

In case you are a beginner, a rank in LoL is its league. A beginner starts from Bronze and ends up as a Challenger, eventually. The total leagues and so, the total ranks in LoL, are seven: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger.

Each league is further divided into different levels. You start with Bronze 1 and slowly reach up to Bronze 5 – which is not easy to cross at all. But guess what?

Playing LoL quizzes at Loot Quiz can help you figure out a lot of things in the game when you are playing real-time.

You would already know answers to a lot of game situations and how to use particular tricks to your benefit. LoL quizzes help you in making the most out of your game, clearing the way and ensuring your progression as you comprehend and learn a lot of things.

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More the number of BEs, the quicker you rank up.

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If you are stuck somewhere in Gold or Platinum and cannot solve the mystery, take help from Loot Quiz LoL quizzes. These can help you figure out how to master your jungle as well as how to dominate your lane.

Whether you love playing jungle, tank, or any other game mode like AP or AD, Loot Quiz has the best possible quizzes with an enticing spark.