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Are you a Minecraft fan? Yes? Well, that’s amazing because so are we. We understand the excitement and thrill deep in there right as you log in the game till the point you shut it down.

Minecraft has been one of the most influential video games in the history that can be played from either a first-person or a third-person perspective, according to the player’s desire. It is also the second best-selling video game of all times. Since its launch in 2009, it has a player base of 91 million monthly over 14 platforms.  Not only this, it has already sold 176 million copies by the mid of 2019.

Minecraft is all about the 3D world. You play, move around, find and build in a 3D world with a number of exciting and interesting opportunities. It allows players to build a variety of items out of the blocks and present them in different shapes and sizes.

Out of the things that players can craft, some are really fascinating. These include armors (used to mitigate damage from enemy’s assault), weapons like swords and axes (used to kill monsters and animals more easily) and different tools (which can help in breaking certain big and hard blocks with great ease).

In addition to this, players can construct other materials like furnaces, cook food, exchange material with the material they require, trade blocks for different goods with other players and keep on building their 3D world.

Seems interesting, right? Think how cool it would be when put into questions and present before you in the form of quizzes.

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What Loot Quiz has to offer?

Loot Quiz brings Minecraft quizzes for you every day, coming up with something new and unique that you might have never noticed in the game before.

No matter whether you play one or all the different modes of Minecraft, Loot Quiz has all the quizzes to offer from survival to creative, adventure, spectator and multiplayer mode.

Minecraft modes and related quizzes

Each Minecraft game mode comes with its thrilling aims and tasks.

In Survival mode, you look around yourself to find natural resources such as wood and stone present in your environment. With the help of these natural resources, you can craft plenty of different items and blocks.

In Creative mode, players have complete access to the inventory menu where a variety of resources and game items are made available. You can use, replace or remove different things to craft whatever you want. Getting creative day by day, right? We make sure you get all the chances to enhance it through Minecraft quizzes at Loot Quiz.

The best thing about the creative mode is that you can go on your 3D world tour without having to worry about attacks or bigger problems for your characters.

Adventure mode is the first and only mode in Minecraft that allows players to design custom maps, set restriction and go on adventures. The creator of the map has free will when it comes to the tight restrictions bounding or freeing the players. Well, you might learn how to make the most out of this game mode after taking quiz though.

Here’s another electrifying mode of Minecraft: Spectator mode. Always dreamed to be at the other’s place and live other’s life? Minecraft heard your dream wish.

Spectator mode offers you to fly through the game and watch everything that is taking place without interacting directly. It also allows you to view things from the perspective of other players or creatures. You do not have an inventory in this game mode but definitely have some strong teleportation powers.

Know how to make it your superpower? Well, we won’t believe unless you score really great in our Minecraft quiz based on Spectator game mode.

Did you know?

We have a piece of interesting news to share.

In case you love Minecraft but could not keep up lately, here’s all you need to know. Minecraft is offering two new spin-off games to Minecraft obsessed players in the coming year. These are Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth. Minecraft Dungeons is set to release in 2020 for Xbox One, Windows, PS4, and Nintendo switch while you will be able to experience the beta release of Minecraft Earth in the summer of 2019.

The trailer of Minecraft Dungeons has been released in June 2019 and we are spellbound to announce that Loot Quiz already has some great quizzes from this newly released spin-off Minecraft game. With this dungeon crawler game, you are going to experience new thresholds of Minecraft in a somewhat similar astounding world.

Minecraft Earth is another augmented reality game based on Minecraft concept.

The game has invigorating adventures to offer and we bet, you could not keep your hands off. However, we would love it if you click back to Loot Quiz and take some stirring Minecraft quizzes from time to time.

Minecraft Earth allows its players to interact with other players, creatures, and block in the 3D world. The players will build and craft Minecraft style block structures and different kinds of objects just like they did in different Minecraft modes.

Where Minecraft earth appeals gamers, is that the objects persist and can be modified by other players in the game. That’s all due to augmented reality setting of the game. Already excited? So are we!

What are you waiting for?

After knowing this big deal about Minecraft, we wonder what you are waiting for.

We know taking the quiz is not the same as being in the game. Your heart never thumps that way but believe us when we say, Loot Quiz has something unique and special.

Being in video game niche for years, we guarantee you are going to learn several new things with every quiz you take.

Advising as a friend, taking a break from the game is healthy and important. We know your mind would still be stuck there. Come on, take Minecraft quizzes and let yourself challenge your knowledge and love for your favorite game.