How to Play Fortnite for Absolute Beginners

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With gaming platforms evolving and better internets in place, it was only a matter of time when a game such as Fortnite would have been made. You most probably have heard about Fortnite through your friends or seen it trending on social media and want in on the fun. The game has taken the world over, and the developer has become a multi-millionaire overnight due to amazing game mechanics and so many other things that are offered.

Not only are players around the world indulging hours upon hours on this game, but there is a specific Fortnite culture that you will notice in comic cons or on YouTube. Why even your favorite movie or sports stars are taking part in spreading the culture, they’re making dance moves and giving Fortnite references in their videos and even during their basketball games.

In short, the game is changing the landscape as 24 million people log on to the game every day. But, what exactly is all the fuss about, and what exactly could Fortnite be?

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite gameplay

Fortnite is categorized as a ‘freemium’ game i.e., you don’t have to worry about paying actual money for a download, but you can surely purchase in-game for better equipment, skins, and even dance moves. Players can stylize their avatars into whatever they want them to be, and once done, you are allowed to travel to an open-world where you gather resources, craft, and annihilate any other player you see out there.

Game Modes

There are four different modes in which you can play this game. The first is where you can go, Solo, where you don’t have to worry about anyone but yourself. The goal is to become the last person standing in the game.

The second mode is the Duo gameplay, where it is 2vs2. Both teams get to start on random positions from where they can move on to dominate the other party in the game. The third mode is the Squad mode, where you can form teams of four. This is a better option for people who wish to play with their more friends. The fourth option you have at your disposal is 50 vs. — 50 options, which Epic games have added to help beginners and experienced gamers alike.

In this format, players hop on to a flying bus with nothing more than their handy dandy pickaxe. When the game starts, the bus flies over the map carrying these players, and each player can choose their own drop point. From then on, they use a parachute to get to the ground and start collecting resources to be able to craft better equipment. They can then use this equipment against other players, and once they are defeated, they can loot them for better rewards.

Tips for Beginners:

When you start out in Fortnite, you might end up feeling a bit overwhelmed. As it is with most games, people playing online are very competitive, and unless you know how to pull the ropes, you’ll end up dying quite often. Most of the time that this happens is because you might end up playing against a more seasoned player or someone who understands the game mechanics more than you do.

Since there are no tutorials or practice sessions in the game, the entire experience of how to play the game must come from real-time playing. However, there is another way for you to understand everything, and that’s by learning from other people’s experiences.

If you go on YouTube right now or on Google and type Fortnite, you will find thousands of pages and videos explaining what the best possible way to play the game is. We have compiled a few tips for you to look at as well since we ourselves are huge fans of Fortnite and play regularly.

Fortnite building guide

Tip 1: Acceptance to being Killed

Let’s face the facts. When you start on Fortnite and are cruising through the map, a bullet from any direction could end up taking your life. Experienced players have better aims, know where to get what from, and are quick on their feet when it comes to battling it out

You might even end up fighting on chat with the other players because they think you’re a noob, but it’s okay. Everything that is happening with you has happened to them at one stage in time, and it’s a vicious cycle that has to continue.

So, what becomes the best thing to do when you are killed almost 20 times in one game? Well, you accept it. Take that time to learn how to play it instead of going for the kills every time. Don’t be greedy and just go with the flow. Make the most of the time where you form your foundations for the game because, at the end of the day, all the combos will be built on what you learned here.

Tip 2: Become a Spectator

Most of the time, when you play the game, you’re in such a hurry to respawn that you do not pay attention to why the spectator function exists in Fortnite. It can be a huge help if you think about it. It can help you find out what your enemy is like. What they pick up, their roaming patterns, which areas do they most likely go to, etc. Someone who has just killed you has found a way to do quickly than you could have, so they surely can learn from.

Follow them to wherever they go and see how they play. Just observing experienced players and their playing patterns can be enough to teach you how to go about the game.

Tip 3: Building is Key

Fortnite is an interactive game, and shooting is just one part of it. The developer wanted people to be able to interact with the world around them, and gathering resources is a part of that. The second phase is where you start building stuff from what you’ve collected. When you start out the game, you are given a pickaxe that can be used to collect resources from trees, broken down cars, and even old buildings. You even get resources from treasure chests.

Once you have all these resources collected, try working on your building skills. Sooner or later, you’ll face a tougher opponent who can build a wall or a tower in a matter of seconds. You need to equate that if you are to have any chance of winning, so get right to it.

Collect and build, collect and build. It can really help you in times of battle. Of course, there is the option to hide it out and avoid other players in the gameplay, but is that really a fun way to win?

Tip 4: Aim for the Blue

When you’re in the game, and you’re collecting resources, always aim for the blue reticle that forms. This blue reticle isn’t there just for show. Instead, you will notice that each time you hit it, you’ll do bonus damage to the obstacle so you can collect that resource faster. This tip can, therefore, help you to work on hitting the blue each time to get the resource in the least amount of time and improve your skills in collecting.

Battle Royale balloon

Bonus Tips:

While you’re playing the game, you will notice that it costs a lot of resources to be able to build. You will need 10 units of each resource to build one piece of that resource. You will further need at least 20 of these pieces to be able to build a proper structure, so it’s not as easy as you think. At times, it can pretty hectic and at times, it can lead you to your demise. You might even get sniped trying to collect wood, so make sure you collect resources understanding your surroundings. Keep an eye out on that radar.

Furthermore, you get around 50 units of wood when you chop down a tree. Wood is the most abundant resource available in the game by far. Bushes and smaller trees can give you lesser wood, but they are faster to cut down.

In the later stages, you will require a larger amount of steel and brick for better fortification, so make sure you collect them too in the middle-game stage. Don’t just rely on wood for the entire game.


Despite what your opinion of the game may be, the fact is a lot of players around the world log in to play the game each day. This means there is some kind of thrill they receive from a mmorpg-styled game like Fortnite. When you become a more seasoned player, start spending on a few good items and skins to make yourself better. If you don’t plan to, then your gaming experience will rely heavily on the new updates and challenges to keep you interested.

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