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What WoW Class Suits You Best?

Take this quiz and learn what the best class for you is!

How Well Do You Know WoW?

Take this quiz and learn just how much you know about the WoW world.

How Well Do You Know WoW?

Take this quiz and learn just how much you know about the WoW world.

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World of Warcraft, more casually known as WoW, was released in 2004 and has so far been one of the most thrilling and exciting games of the century. It brings a world of myths, magic, wars, surprising creatures and legends. You will be in awe of the locations you see and play in WoW. It is nothing less than a fantasy universe.

Ever since its release in 2004, the number of players have been increasing steadily and concurrent players are more than a hundred million. Due to its ever-growing popularity and admiration, World of Warcraft has made itself into the top best video games we can craft quizzes for.

Loot Quiz is one of the best websites for gaming quizzes where you can find all your favorite titles lined up and waiting to be dived into. From trivia to personality, we have a variety of quizzes to offer for a lot of video games and World of Warcraft is one of them. We are excited to announce that, like you, we love the mysterious World of Warcraft where you never know what is going to happen next.

Here’s the interesting thing, Loot Quiz has some video game experts around, especially WoW experts, who know how to dig into the game to come up with the most electrifying and thrilling quizzes you could ever play.

World of Warcraft Expansions

Up till now, seven different expansions in the World of Warcraft have been released: The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandria, Warlords of Draenor, Legion and the Battle for Azeroth. This is to keep the players passionate and enthusiastic about the World of Warcraft universe.

Interestingly, we have many quizzes based on every different expansion of the World of Warcraft. No matter whether you have just started and are on the first expansion or have already been into World of Warcraft for a long time and are into the Battle of Azeroth, you will find the best-related quizzes on Loot Quiz.

Why Take WoW Quizzes at Loot Quiz?

Well, there are several reasons you can choose quizzes over the video game itself. These include:

While you are traveling, have some free time in college/office or cannot turn up your Xbox because shh! It is sleeping time and the folks at home will be angry, we have introduced the best alternative for you.

When you cannot be in the game directly, choose to be in the World of Warcraft indirectly. How? Loot Quiz!

Get to Know More About the World of Warcraft

Also, playing video game quizzes make you challenge your very own knowledge and insight about your favorite game. With WoW, you will get to learn a great deal about the World of Warcraft. There might be several characters you had no idea about or you thought would not work out.

World of Warcraft quizzes at Loot Quiz is a great way to learn the real story behind twisted experiments of Nefarian in the Blackrock Mountain, about Soulflayer – the loyal priests of Blood God Hakkar as well as about the great desert fortress of Ahn’Qiraj.

Be it the rise of the Blood God or Shadow of the Necropolis, you still need to learn a lot about. For that, Loot Quiz is here. Our World of Warcraft quizzes are going to help you learn and challenge what even a coach could not. After all, it’s good to learn on your own right? You get to experience a unique sense of accomplishment and a better understanding of the universe.

Learn New Skills

As you go through the video game, you will find out how characters acquire various abilities and skills. Whether you prefer producing items in the game or chose to gather from resource points, you will have fun playing World of Warcraft quizzes.

With that, you might develop an interest in another profession and you choose to change it.

You must already know that World of Warcraft is based on the completion of quests. With each quest, you experience new skills, gain new abilities and get a chance to explore new areas. At Loot Quiz, we develop interesting quizzes that can actually help you go through your quest. Sometimes, a random shot at a question in the quiz is actually the right answer and becomes a key factor of help in the game in completing your quest.

Never thought about that, right?

Loot Quiz is the best platform to stay in the world of Warcraft community. Whether you like to play individually or in a group, you are going to come across questions you never thought were possible or had even thought of. Loot Quiz is going to surprise you with every question you try to answer. And that’s what will keep bringing you back!

Make the Most of Your Character

When you take World of Warcraft quizzes at Loot Quiz, you can specifically choose personality/character-based quizzes. The quiz will provide you with thrilling questions and you will need to think for a while before you answer them.

This is because you might not know everything about the character you are playing with or the one you are fighting against. If you think you know enough, we challenge that!

What you learn about the characters in World of Warcraft with quizzes at Loot Quiz that will help you make the most out of your character.

Excited About Starting Quizzes?

So are we!

While playing the quiz, you might actually find yourself in the actual World of Warcraft trying to figure out some real-time controls and strategies. With Loot Quiz, the questions are never ordinary. They will be challenging and invigorating!

We bet you are going to love every quiz you take and keep coming back for more. The best thing about Loot Quiz is that you get to take the quizzes absolutely free. What’s better than having fun for free?

So, click on your desired video game quiz and start playing. We ensure you are going to have the best time of your life.

Happy quizzing!